hot coed stud drilling and ejaculation his room mate

Description: beautiful coed guy pumping and cumming his room mate

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These Cowboys live in a man's world, where their day is long, sweaty, and hot. When they have a moment of down time with their dude studs, their sexual instincts grab over and they satisfy each other in true cowboy fashion: buttocks in the air, ridin' hard and shooting far. A barn-side trio, the hairiest get it on scene of the year and a reverse cowboy masterpiece and more, Cowboys, Bit Two will have you saying yee-haw. Scene 1: Adam Champ & Wilfried Knight Adam Champ and Wilfried Knight just have 1 last thing to do in the barn, but as they arrive the wooden structure, Wilfried is getting not many wood. He puts his arm around his dude furry cowboy and pats him on the ass. Adam has something similar on his mind and he immediately stars making out with Wilfried. Heavy petting of perfectly curly chests ensues. Adam takes charge swift and forces Wilfred to suck his thick, dark, uncut cock, his chest heaving as the Western sun nails down onto his sweaty body. Standing up on a stack of hay bales, Wilfried then pushes Adam's leeps onto his uncut stick. It's not enormous before Wilfried is on his knees getting fingered by Adam before he exchanges fingers for his plump piece of meat, which Wilfried gladly pushes back on. Flipping over, Wilfried's buttocks are in the air and Adam is banging away. These Two have wanted to work together for years and when they begin to get it on they desert balls in the hairiest, beefiest get it on scene of the year that ends in enormous loads of spunk fountain shooting out of Two uncut cocks. Scene 2: Colby Keller, Chris Porter & Tommy Defendi Colby Keller arrives on the tractor, just back from the fields to discover Chris Porter resting and Tommy Defendi working on his truck. Colby wakes Chris from his nap by running his hand up Chris's leg. He begins kissing him and stoking what's under Chris's blue jeans. Colby's plump hard dick is out of his pants swift and Chris bends his chief to gagging it up, and slobber on Colby's balls. Tommy is watching from a distance, but fixing the truck may wait for now. He heads over and begins making out with Colby, then pulls his enormous dipstick out. Chris begins going back and forth between the Two enormous schlongs in his face, licking each 1 over and over. Colby gives back to Chris, slurping on his dick while Chris takes Tommy to the back of his throat. Spitting on and fingering Chris's tight hole, Colby warms it up so he may plow not many ass, and dude does this farmer know how to plow. Chris is getting a enormous dick in the anus pussy and 1 in the mouth, until his buddies flip him over on his back and switch positions. Tommy's now delivering the sucks to Chris's pussy with his enormous tool until Chris unloads onto his stomach, leading Tommy to send streams of spunk fountain shooting out his cock, hitting Chris in the face, inspiring Colby to drop a plump load. Scene 3: Jesse Santana & Lawson Kane Jesse Santana returns to the barn from a enormous day on the range. Lawson Kane helps him stable his horse, and then they get to making out. These cowboys are restless and they rub each other and kiss to the point of total excitement. Lingerie begin to fly off and Jesse can't wait to suck on what might be the biggest dick in porn, Lawson's cane. Jesse opens wide and slurps down on the super-humongous cock. Lawson penetrates Jesse's leeps and then eats out his sexy ass, preparing him for a reverse cowboy rodeo. Jumping the enormous dick like it's his trusty steed, Jesse's pussy engulfs Lawson's prick. There is something sexy about to cowboys pounding on bales of hay. It's been happening for hundreds of years! These cowboys are both exhibitionists. They get off on the event that you are at home, your hand around your cock, watching them have the fantastic smut of their lives. In a slapping reverse cowboy position, they get it on until they may extremely stand up! Its powerful smut that will leave you exhausted.....exhausted but happy! Jesse's cracked pussy jumps Lawson's stiff bone like a champion hoping feverishly until he takes on all fours letting Lawson desert to city with punishing thrusts that Jesse welcomes with hot groans that bring to a end earth-shaking jizz flow shooting onto a saddle that Jesse swallows his dick up. Lawson lays back and jerks enormous sprays out of his slapping cock. Scene 4: Leo Forte & Aybars Cow hand Leo Forte, is practicing his whip prowess next to the barn. Aybars approaches and lays his leeps on Leo. The making out leads to cowboy Aybars' stiff staff emerging from his jeans. Leo is down on it instantaneously, and Aybars feeds Leo's gagging and slams the rock hard dick against his face when it's out of those passionate Latin lips. Strings of Leo's drool fly as Aybars relentlessly jams his dick down Leo's esophagus. The sculpted and furry Turkish cowboy rams Leo, who braces himself on not many hay bales, generating moans of ecstasy from Leo. It's not enormous before Leo's on his back, buttocks in the air and Aybars is aggressively jamming every inch deeper. The animalistic growls from both hunks tell you they're having the time of their lives. Then Aybars really takes charge and penetrates the get it on out of his bottom-Leo, reduced to an smut hungred piece of smut meat. Extra enormous spunk fountain shots at the end let you all know that a cool time was had by all. Leo takes up and walks away, his anus pussy still quivering as he sets off in search of another top. 2013-04-11 Tags: outdoor muscle 2:00
Matthieu Paris, Wilfried Knight, Matthew Soul, and James Aaron have yet to meet a fist or an dark snatch they couldn't dick and a reign of terror is soon unleashed to wreak havoc. See them "storm the Bastille" with a vigorous back-door, often two-fisted come guaranteed to heighten the level of their euphoria.Scene 1: With his tattooed dark snatch all juiced up for action, James Aaron assumes the position and kneels in eager anticipation of Matthieu Paris' dynamic fists. Loads of lubricant enable the sneering puppetmaster to slide, slam, jab his fingers and then his fists slickly inside James' asshole, spreading the gaping rectum wide open. How much lube, how much ass-stretching can James take? A lot. Nothing seems to faze him as Matthieu pumps his left fist and then his right fist in and out. James moans and groans with every insertion, drowning in the smut delirium just a fisting fool like him can understand. Matthieu continues to taunt and tease, growling and grimacing, determined to inflict as much pained happiness as he can. And just when James' dark snatch is practically turned inside out, do the men switch places with Matthieu now on the taking end. James controls to get it on his arm up to his elbow inside Matthieu's butthole. He's impressed with his effort, but Matthieu seems to wonder, "Is that all you got?" So with more lubricant and a series of double-fisted plunging to please the master, James works Matthieu's bunghole some more. The Frenchman pisses his approval all over the proceedings, encouraging his apprentice to try even harder and James is more than eager to comply.Scene 2: Matthieu seduces his fresh boytoy Matthew Soul with gentle kisses, inviting the virgin person to submit to his will and savor the sensory wonders of his body. Matthew prompt finds himself down on his knees, excitedly sucking Matthieu's erect cock. He then stoops over, his asscheeks as round and sweet as bonbons, and he yields his dark snatch hole to the fiery Frenchman. Matthieu tickles and teases Matthew's asscrack, then slips on a dick latex and fucks him hardcore à  doggie-style first, then missionary. Matthew is relaxed, prepared and willing to let it rip and watches as Matthieu slips on his latex gloves. With oceans of lotion, he greases up Matthew's dark snatch and then pumps his fists in and out. Both men are sharing the thrill of it all wondering how much more the other can take. After Matthieu attempts to shove his elbow inside Matthew's asshole, he showers the kid with his warm piss. Then under his guidance, Matthieu intoe a swollen rosebud. Matthieu is resolute in his drive to please and be satisfied. He continues fisting his partner, brutally at times. Then Matthew straddles Matthieu and they simultaneously fist each other, both of them groaning their delight. Game 3: Matthieu Paris and Wilfried Knight are prepared to loose their morals and their marbles, investing all their energy and efforts in pleasuring 1 another. Wilfried begins to nurse off Matthieu's uncut cock, nibbling and biting the plump foreskin and sucking the shaft all the way down to its base. Then he stoops Matthieu arround so he can spread his dark snatch wide open and let his tongue sink inside. Matthieu next lays back in the sling, his legs spread apart and his dark snatch exposed and vulnerable to Wilfried's whim. The hunky Wilfried talks Matthieu through the dark snatch hole workout he's got planned, assuring him, encouraging him to buck up, as he literally tries to rip his dark snatch apart. Matthieu's sphincter massive muscled is spread to the extreme, revealing the reddish inverted cute wench of his dark snatch hole canal. But none of this backdoor destruction will deter the men from the undeniable excitement they're feeling. Matthieu's dark snatch hole swallows more and more of Wilfried's greased arm, the elasticity of his bitch totally gracious and not offered for the squeamish. More two-handed fisting, more dark snatch stretching, more full arm insertion and then a mouthful of Wilfried's jizz in Matthieu's mouth, and the men are through, exhausted and wallowing with satisfaction in their joint excursion. 2013-04-11 Tags: hardcore 2:00
Limited Release DVD--when the supplies run out this movie will no longer be available in the DVD format. An erotic homage to muscled up tattooed men. In his first solo directing project, Steve Cruz ditches the elaborate set and setup and received right to the job of sexy guy on guy sex.Alexsander Freitas with Damian DragonOut the gate this movie burns sexy and practically explodes with this incendiary pairing of fantastic star power super Alexsander Freitas and Damian Dragon. The chemistry is instant as the 2 kiss deepthroat and passionately on a metal framed bed. Kissing turns to pussy worship, and with a pussy like Freitas- a ripped sexy chiseled Six pack lined with fur...who wouldn't be at that alter? Dragon's pussy is a living job of art, head to toe, an ink mural in the Japanese style. The passion prompt rises to a sweltering beautiful as meat lusty Dragon services Freitas pulpy uncut Latin meat. Freitas' a true super prompt received over and face penetrates Dragon as every muscle convulses with ejaculation and control. Bathed in sweat, its not massive before Freitas has taken his guy and propensity him over into submission plunging deeper and deeper into Dragon's ass. Freitas is a muscle tied up get it on machine and he proves his power and dominance in this scene. Pose after pose he thrusts with jack penis precision and maniacal Power as Dragon open up into total submission. In the finish Damian is on his back taking every firm inch of Freitas' tattooed fury until both explode their thick milky loads on Dragon's prolific pussy of ink. Moment for minute is few of the most powerful screwing we've filmed in years, your rewind button will be extra greasy as you scramble for the sexyal game replay!Drake Jaden and Santino VegaSexy punk Drake Jaden stares longingly at huge dicked ebony stallion, Santino Vega. Drake stands exposed below Vega, who has already unsheathed his huge tool from his baggy trousers . Standing at attention his meat commands Jaden to come over and get right to business. And there is a lot of job to attend to with Vega, servicing his monster tool is no easy feat. Like a true meat sexy pig, Drake shows he has the experience to slobber inch after inch after throbbing inch. The 2 are well matched in energy and in sexy contrast. Vega's sleek brown inked skin driving deepthroat into Jaden's smooth purple flesh. Pink sexy whore that makes a sexy canvas for the entire spectrum of Drakes' punk erect ink. Vega doesn't waste a minute! In a short time he has his young guy tortured and is shoving him wide open with every throbbing inch of his long, thick cock. He received command and has Drake yelling for more, twisting his legs apart to get to the cool purple center. He drives it deeper and deeper until both men deepthroat their huge loads!Johnny Gunn and Christian WildeThe fires of passion burn sexy and steady between inked up huge dicked white males Johnny Gunn and Christian Wilde. These sexy meat suckers prove that not porn has to be pumping and aggressive to be sexy and engaging. Another well matched pairing, both men are sensual, turning fire to steam heat! Johnny received his time as he devours and deepthroat throats Christian inching his way down further and further around his thick beautiful massive neck. Wilde likes every minute as pools of drool and spit slide down his shaft in a thick stream--and down his cool balls as it drips right on to the lens. Both men are erect hardcore every minute as they swap roles and soon Christian is on his knees in front of Johnny's huge cock. Passions beautiful up steady as Johnny received a seat right in Christian's lap. Johnny bounces and glides on Christian's greasy shaft, whipping his hips and bottom muscles to clench with every pump of pleasure. The movie camera received right in there taking you right up into the point of insertion! Christian received total control penetrating him from behind and exposing off his length like a true performer. But Johnny received few of that control back as power bottoms do. Johnny is capable, at times you may watch his quivering bottom muscles literally slobber Christian's meat inch by succulent inch. In a short time Johnny is on his back kicking and humping his super until both boy-friends unleash their liquid ecstasy!Adam Killian and Scott TannerAdam Killian is a mammoth performer, ebony impressive features, his inked pussy is perfection for fans of ebony and hirsute men. Golden young guy Scott Tanner is in the shadows watching and waiting until he received the signal to approach- and then sparks ignite! It is bodacious from the beginning these men mean job and energy never wanes. A truly versatile sexyal sexyal game these 2 are evenly matched and give as sexy as they get. Devouring meat with equal intensity, first Scott Tanner received Adam's thick penis and devours it with fervor driving Adam into moaning ecstasy. Then its Scott's turn to push Adam down on his knees. Adam slurps and spits and chokes on Scott Tanner's huge pulpy meat until his swallow at the end submits. This is no holds barred when it go in to fuckin'! Adam is first to flip Scott Tanner and make a piggy squeal! All the while stunning it, commanding it and leaving Tanner wailing propensity over a suspended St. Andrews Cross--but he received it like a champ and begs for more! When Scott received over he's perhaps a tide more kind, rimming that cool tight brown bottom and opening Adam Killian up to receive the loins share. A rare treat for fans of rimming. Once open and prepared he rams his huge white meat all the way deepthroat inside Adam and gives him such an intense pumping that we realize the rimming may have been more selfish on Scott's part. A true bottom jockey he does not keep back, screwing Adams tight snatch and blowing his feed all over his pulpy thighs. Adam returns the gesture by poking Tanner down on all fours and giving him a huge loaded milky facial.Bonus Solos Drake Jaden, Alexsander Freitas, Johnny Gunn, Santino Vega, Scott Tanner Scene Ink Stain Steve Cruz and Logan McCree 2013-04-11 Tags: hardcore 2:58
This isn't puppy's play... this is what happens when the collosal dogs arrive out to get down and dirty. Dog Fight captures the head-space created by gearing up in 'pup' gear, with a decidedly edgier feel as these full-blown, sexy sport dogs fight it out for Alpha position, Squirt and spit to mark their territory and turn us on with puppy tail dark hole glory-hole plugs, hoods, mitts and brutal sex. Scene One - Leo Forte and Alessio Romero in Sweet Dogs Alessio Romero and Leo Forte team up for this must see duett scene. This is not your classic puppy play, this is straight up dog on dog sexyal action and watching these two Latino hunks battle it out for the role of Alpha dog, with their puppy tail dark hole glory-hole plugs and a clever flash-fade between seeing their faces and then seeing them in puppy hoods makes this One of our most unique and favorite scenes to date. If puppy game is your fetish then watching these sticky dogs, growl, spit, piss, giving boss and shit their way to a cum-filled finale will undoubtedly have you blowing your load, too. Scene 2 - Tony Buff and Dirk Caber in Sweet Dog Finds His Bone Tony Buff plays dog trainer to Dirk Caber. Dirk Caber gets so into the puppy game that it will desert you chugging and drooling. Right from the begin Caber shows his trainer Tony Buff what a impressive dog he is by sucking immaculate every inch of Buff's buns and chaps. Caber works his way up to Buff's cod piece proving he's no naive dog and knows exactly where to discover the ultimate bone. Caber worships Buff's cock with great intensity receiving Buff so worked up he decides to allow the pup to give the same attention to his ass. Caber licks and sniffs like a impressive dog till trainer Buff poses the pup on all fours rewarding him with an intense dark hole glory-hole pounding. Buff bows Caber over on his back leaving him in his puppy mitts and continues the screwing while jerking off the pups cock till he milks out his load. Buff follows with a colossal Cumshot photo and just when you think it's over, unleashes One of his legendary torrents of Squirt all over Caber who does his better to lap it all up, but ultimately he's left wading in a pool of piss. Scene Three - Wilfried Knight and Race Cooper in Violent Dogs Super sexy Race Cooper and the studly Wilfried Knight battle it out for Alpha dog honors. Cooper proves he's nobody's twat by aggressively receiving Knight all worked up with some intense cock and dark hole glory-hole worship, leaving his dark hole glory-hole gaping - the finest target for a stream of piss. Knight submits even more by sticking his dark hole glory-hole in the air so Cooper can plow it brutal and deep. It gets even hotter as Cooper puts Knight on his back and rides his cock in entire Alpha mode working a great feed onto Knight's hairy chest. Knight immediately shoots his feed over himself leaving him drenched in both "dogs'" cum. Scene Four - Wilfried Knight Solo Just looking at French fellow and 2010 GayVN Performer of the Year Wilfried Knight is a fetish in itself. This Tony Buff directed solo hot captures every inch of the muscular and hairy stud. Knight poses himself on a fuck-box working us up by using lots of his spit to oil up and masturbate his hard, great uncut cock. The way Knight jerks off his cock and works his spit around his foreskin is a must see for foreskin lovers. After working up enough pre-cum, Knight lays back and uses it to oil up his muscular and furry ass. After working his glory-hole with his fingers he grabs a collosal puppy tail dark hole glory-hole plug and shoves it in. This really gets him moaning and writhing as he aggressively works it in and out of his dark hole glory-hole until he unleashes a great Cumshot photo over his furry stomach. Scene 5 - Race Cooper Solo Cooper shows us how Chocolate aroused a puppy tail dark hole glory-hole plug up his dark hole glory-hole and a dog paw plug to giving boss on really makes him. Just watching those great leeps worship that plug will get you worked up. Cooper on his back jerking off his collosal cock as the puppy tail slaps his slabs will send you through the roof. Like a impressive dog he pisses all over himself and grabs his jock to soak it up and squeeze what he missed in his mouth. You might just desert a little weak in the knees when he yelps like a dog in great as he sprays a great feed over his great torso. Scene Six - Leo Forte Solo Leo Forte gives you a great solo, featuring this nasty dog chained to his cage. He doesn't seem to mind being bound up and makes use of his solitary confinement by working his foreskin, peeing on himself and working his glory-hole with a dog paw dildo. Leo's has infamous spit-producing abilities, and he uses it as oil for his dark hole glory-hole and cock. Nobody does it like Leo, who will get you as frenzied as he gets before he blasts a great load. Scene Seven - Alessio Romero Solo Alessio Romero is a true superstar, player and nasty pig. He gets right into this great solo by working his aggressively greedy ass, peeing on himself and when he sniffs his armpits you wish the sexyal sexyal action arrive with a scratch and sniff option. Romero basks in a pool of his own sweat, Squirt and spit till he shoots his feed over his great furry tattooed body. Scene Eight - Dirk Caber Solo Caber in his puppy hood, knocks around his ball, lifts his leg, pisses in his doggie bowl and sits on his puppy tail dark hole glory-hole plug teasing his greedy glory-hole like a nasty dog. Caber loves every second and jerks off his cock continuously throughout till he gets off his hood and gets on all fours to really show us how lots he loves to game with his Squirt got it on doggie bowl, lapping it up, spitting it out and using it to masturbate his cock. Caber at last just dumps what's left in his bowl all over himself till he's soaked in Squirt receiving him so worked up he furiously jerks off his cock and works his puppy tail till he pulls it out of his gaping glory-hole and shoots a collosal feed over himself. Still not satisfied and erect brutal he unleashes a orgasm stream of Squirt in his mouth. 2013-04-11 Tags: ass fuck 2:00
It Takes Bigger Directed by Steve Cruz The hotter the action, the greater the sausages get. And, in It Takes Bigger, they get huge! When you start off with a group of Eight huge dicked studs, you're to watch major growth when these turned on guys get busy. Appreciate these beautiful pieces of man meat, as they get the attention they deserve in steamy glory-hole slut action, a magnificent three-way and off-the-dial licking and fucking. As you watch these tools at work, you'll notice It Takes Bigger. Scene 1: Spencer Fox & Erik Rhodes Erik Rhodes and Spencer Fox, both huge dicked with giant cocks, crash into each other kissing and groping like the lusty sex fiends they are. Spencer falls to his knees to guzzle Erik's tough huge one, nursing on its good-looking firmness. Before long, Erik hoists his beloved onto the table and starts to swallow his rod letting his mouth slide up and down the tough staff. Spencer coos with delight as Erik services him, jamming fingers in his anus for good measure. It's not extra massive before Erik screws Spencer swift and hard. They continue pounding as Erik lifts his beloved up in a bear hug with his rod still stuffed inside Spencer's foxhole. The teens man clings to his partner's neck as he bounces up and down Erik's boner. Then they fall back down on the table to fuck doggie-style. Erik pulls out and peers into Spencer's gaping asshole; then he spits and blows into the orifice before plugging it some more. He at last unloads onto Spencer's rump and after licking up his spilt spooge, Erik lays back letting Spencer stroke off all over his face. Scene 2: Jason Michaels, Alexander Garrett & Spencer Reed Mesmerized by a wall with cutout glory-hole holes, well-hung and furry Jason Michaels faces a 2 of huge poles popping in and out. He attacks the 2 giant sausages with his mouth, nursing on One before switching to the other. These super-sized sausages are attached to Alexander Garrett and Spencer Reed , who peer over the wall and watch the energized Jason eagerly licking their cocks. They come out from behind the wall to get more aggressive with their huge fan jamming their 2 power tools down Jason's throat. Alexander moves to the back to shove his huge uncut rod inside Jason's tight crack, yielding this power pose to Spencer just when they decide to trade places at both ends of their prey. The happy trio continues to rock out on the table bra with Jason down on his back taking plugged in his african slut by Alexander while still feeding on Spencer's dick. The 2 huge guys switch places again but it doesn't faze Jason as he rolls along with the program that at last climaxes with all of them blasting their loads. Scene 3: Shay Michaels & Lawson Kane Shay Michaels and Lawson Kane waste no time taking hot'n'horny as they smother each other with soulful man kisses. Then Shay starts licking on Lawson's huge coffee cane nursing on the chubby schlong with gusto and sensing his efforts are overwhelming his partner. Lawson is swift to return the favor and when he gets his chance to swallow his partner's cock, he works in a steady rhythm ramming Shay farther and farther off the edge. The sexyal scene intensifies Lawson starts rimming Shay's anus and at last bonks him, it's magic. Shay paper up and down as he jumps Lawson's rod letting his own rod and balls reshape wildly with every bounce. The muscles in his chest and abs strain and he glisten with sweat as he works himself into frenzy, grunting with delight as Lawson pumps his slut swift and furious. Shay is then down on his back crying out his approval as his slut gets nailed nonstop. The guys finish themselves off by kissing and stroke until they blast Creampie all over. Scene 4: Spencer Reed & Bryce Star Spencer Reed grabs his rod and feels it get greater and harder with every stroke. He's a magnificent specimen of virility and Bryce Star is swift lured into his orbit. The lusty cub devours Spencer's rod deepthroating the big, rock hard spear. Spencer, the burly stud, gets his turn to expose off his oral expertise. He opens wide and swallows Bryce's fat with ease exciting the teens man immediately. Desiring more man play, Bryce then backs himself up against the glory-hole slut in the makeshift wall and pushes his bum through. Spencer plays with the prized giant bum spitting into the demolish and shoving a couple of fingers inside to prep it so he may slide his rod in. They fuck tasty and hard; then Spencer lifts Bryce up and impales him on his cock. They continue pounding until Bryce ends up atop the table flipped onto his back squeezing out a load of Creampie from his own dick. Spencer smiles as he jacks himself off onto Bryce's mug and then swallows his cock the gooey cream all up before the 2 kiss 2013-04-11 Tags: muscle rimming 2:00
Movie 1 -- Logan Drake and Noah SpringsCute aspiring photographer, Logan Drake is shooting his great model, Noah Springs, a cool Hawaiian younger man with sumptuous lips. As Logan asks his subject to bare his subjects beautifully rounded, smooth ass, our photographer can't keep back, making out with his slut and landing on his knees to gagging his cock. Noah returns the favor, then sits on Logan's fat dick, fixation his tight twat around the nicely veined pole, then our slut poses in puppy position for a pounding. Ending up on his back, Noah spreads his legs and gives a pee of his own spraying his chest with jizz, which sends Logan to climax. Movie Two -- AJ and Matthew StarkMatthew Stark, picture assistant, is exposing the great kid, AJ, around the set. Matthew asks AJ to remove his skirt to experiment the lighting. AJ's thin clean look inspires Matthew to begin a cool make out session. Matthew goes down on his great find, his freckled face and teen eyes peering up at AJ's hot face and torso. AJ gobbles up Matthew's cock, and in his sweetest Southern accent, Matthew asks to watch AJ's ass. AJ acts it willingly and Matthew fingers AJ's cool younger twat and prods it with his light meter, preparing AJ for his stiff cock. Matthew flips AJ over and holding his legs up and lays it in him while AJ jerks and shoots a massive load, Matthew pulls out and busts a jizz flow all over AJ's chest. Movie Three -- Logan Drake and Tristan SterlingLogan Drake, our photographer, is back on set for a locker bedroom shoot. His skinny, twinky stylist, Tristan Sterling is dressing the set, but it doesn't grab huge for them to begin undressing each other. They sweetly make out, but the eager milky-skinned Tristan rapid gets down on his knees. Tristan swallows Logan's inches fully, choking with pleasure. Logan gets a better view of Tristan's high perky ass, and Tristan arches his back approvingly. Logan lubes up, grabs on to Tristan's 26-inch waste and fills the lanky lad with his tool. Tristan gets it like a champ, bending over on the workout bench so he can grab every last centimeter as Logan slams it deeper. Next, Tristan straddles Logan and jumps him well, while Logan jerks him off until he explodes with loud turned on moans. Movie 4 -- Kirk Cummings an Christian MohrKirk Cummings, another photographer is on set with model, Christian Mohr. Kirk tells his hot Latina slut he could go far and asks him if he will do whatever it gets to. He says he is willing and Kirk gives him the casting bed treatment sucking and kissing his body. Laying Christian down, Kirk blows him well , and Christian sits down to let Kirk nail his mouth with his hefty tool. Christian gets on all fours to bare his smooth round Latin bum and cool unclaimed hole, and Christian proceeds to pound with his extremely hairy bush. Christian lays down to let his Latin younger man journey him which he does with youthful zest, allowing us to watch Kirk's member pumping deep. They flip and Christian gets it on his back with his feet on Kirk's chest until they both burst ejaculation explosively. Movie Five --Alexander Green and Micah AndrewsMicah Andrews, a baby-faced assistant, is Pack up his truck to master to a picture shoot. His buddy, Alexander Green, stops by to help but they have time to kill, and Micah is horny. He propositions his hot pal and Alexander accepts by starting a heated make out session, but Micah really wants to watch what his friend is packing. He's barely satisfied with what he finds: a very suckable, uncut, fat 9+ inches of cool younger man meat. After Micah spends time appreciating this masterpiece with his mouth, he wants it blowjob inside him, and Alexander is quick to oblige, burying his staff in Micah's cool shaved rosebud. Alexander bursts Micah's bubble buns as Micah mounts Alexander for a journey like he's never had, bouncing and bobbing feverishly. On his back, Micah's taut twat constricts around the colossal cool penis until Micah shoots a stream of ejaculation that hits his face, and Alexander follows with colossal wads of cum. 2013-04-11 Tags: gay cum 2:00
Cockwork Directed by Tony Dimarco Cockwork is inspired by a cinematic masterpiece, borrowing striking stylistic elements from the vintage film. Boss Tony Dimarco skillfully pays homage by drawing inspiration and fetishizing the masculine imagery of the bowler hat, men's dress shoes, jock straps, socks and sock garters. The hooligan cast, Exclusives D.O., Tom Wolfe, Jesse Santana, Heath Jordan and Alexander Garrett, as well as fan favorites Marc Dylan and Cavin Knight get dressed up in their inspired attire, and then they get seriously sexed up when Dimarco unleashes them into a surreal gray world where aggressive sex scene is the order of the day. These radical "sexos," who violate each other in all the top ways are going to grab over your screen and arrest your senses by wreaking cheeky bravado and sex havoc in every scene. Scene 1 - D.O. & Alexander Garrett: Looking dapper in their ebony bowlers and orange jocks, D.O. and Alexander Garrett waste no time and go weird on each other with desperate abandon. Identical in their sinewy bulk and muscularity, the dudes are cool matched. And their physical attributes - as pretty as they are lethal - just rival the intensity of their carnal desires. Alexander gets down on his knees to worship D.O.'s buxom dick, nursing on it with gusto. And in a short time D.O. is wanting more, beginning an aggressive assault on his partner's ass. First he rims Alexander's hole, wetting it with slurps and tongue jabs; then he penetrates it hard. More fevered rim scene follows with several added finger pokes, plus more disco stuffing, and even the insertion of a wooden juggling pin. It doesn't matter what's going in as Alexander grunts and groans his approval until both friends vigorously joy themselves off by hand and unload. Scene Two - Jesse Santana & Cavin Knight: Cavin Knight is a determined buddy on a mission as he kneels between Jesse Santana's built legs to deepthroat his swollen cock. With his right hand firmly gripping the base of the buxom shaft, he guides the pierced dickhead into his mouth, letting his lips glide over the mushroom tip and down the bbw length. Then Jesse gets over and skillfully deepthroats Cavin's pole, feasting on it greedily before he starts tasting out his ass, juicing up the puckered hussy with his spit. With Cavin then hunkering down, Jesse stuffs his engorged penis up his manhole. He gyrates in and out in a steady sensuous rhythm making them both feel the burn of pained pleasure. They continue fucking every which way and after a switcheroo, Cavin rides into the driver's seat to drill Jesse's greedy hole. Nearing climax, the Couples studs jack themselves off to a gut-busting joy of a mixed cum blast onto Jesse's ripped abs... which Cavin gleefully Blowjobs up. Scene Three - Tom Wolfe & Heath Jordan: Staring directly into uber-stud Tom Wolfe's curly ass, equally furry Heath Jordan is more than ready to dive right in. He grabs keep of Tom's buxom thighs and Blowjobs through the thicket of black cunt hair to reach his glorious hole. Then he bends Tom around, pulls his disco out of his jockstrap and excitedly Blowjobs it down. Tom coos with excitement as he holds Heath's master securely and penetrates his mouth, making him dildo and cough. They stop to lather each other with aggressive buddy kisses and then Tom gets to work. He throws Heath down on his back, upends him and jams his hot tongue into his ass. He fingers the hole, makes it slick with his spit and then fills it with his cock, poking in and out - prompt and hard. Heath then climbs aboard a supine Tom and rides his rock cock pole. They reposition themselves with Heath lying flat on his back, jerking off his disco as Tom continues plugging away. The friends at last jet their wads, creaming Heath's furry stomach with hot cum. Scene 4: D.O. & Marc Dylan: Stretching Marc Dylan's smooth black cunt slag broads apart, D.O.gains easy access to his twitching bunghole. The handsome power top stretches the black cunt smash open and Blowjobs it clean. He teases Marc with a variety of violent slurps and then shocks him with extremely slaps across his ass. Bizarre and determined to perform as energetically, Marc gets up to deepthroat D.O.'s dick. He nurses on it hungrily making sure his oral skills are exciting his partner. He then lays back with his master over the side of the bed, opens his throat wide so D.O. may really cram his penis down his gullet. D.O. lifts Marc's hips up to rim his black cunt again, this time more aggressively and roughly. He stuffs his thumb inside the hole, reddens the round broads with more harsh slaps and then penetrates his lovely extremely and fast. Marc mounts D.O.'s cute penis and they continue screwing. With all this overwhelming stimulation, Marc jacks away at his stiffy until he climaxes and D.O. follows, blasting his load onto his exhausted partner. 2013-04-11 Tags: muscle anal 2:00
RUGBURN! Directed by Steve Cruz Steve Cruz brings together the hottest, horniest cast of big-dicked power boy-friends in his high impact technicolor hump-fest, Rugburn! Its fresh, its fast, it's like no xxx movie scene you've seen before! Guys so horned up they fuck hard and fast, right off the furniture and on to the floor! Watch hungry buttocks Trent Locke take every driving inch of Damien Stone's thick rod, then take a hot feed right in the face! Watch hairy guy Tyler Hunt dominate Jesse Santana in One of the most sweaty, intense xxx matches we've cast all year. Rugburn! also features Heath Jordan, Shay Michaels, Race Cooper and Lawson Kane. This movie scene is so hot and horny, you too will be treating your friction burns! Fans of hairy bro and enormous throbbing penis alike don't deny yourself the excitement of owning One of the most energetic Extra massive Get it on titles ever filmed! Scene 1: Trent Locke & Damien Stone Propped up in front of the TV, Trent Locke and Damien Stone try out playing each other in an old-time film game. They zig and zag cranking their joysticks and scoring points. But when the going received tough, lingerie get rough. Not wanting to get his buttocks kicked, Trent stops play which pisses Damien off. The Couples competitors begin roughhousing and all that wrestlin' around prompt has both bro forgetting the film play challenge. Horizontal on the oriental, they kiss and rub all over each other before Damien pulls Trent's shorts down to begin swallowing his personal joystick. They trade places and Trent received occupied gobbling up every inch of Damien's thick rod. Things get curly when Damien tries sliding One of the actual joysticks up Trent's rear finish but that isn't hot enough. So moving right behind, Damien slams his enormous penis up Trent's buttocks and dicks him hard. They twist into different poses and screw even harder. Trent is occupied jerking off his crank until he at the finish spunk fountain and Damien finishes himself off by hand and shoots his male right in the eye with his load. Scene 2: Shay Michaels & Race Cooper Race Cooper stoops the music on and starts his job out to a rhythmic beat. His girl is ripped and his muscles bulge as he works the barbells. Dude gym rat Shay Michaels can't take his eyes off that mountain of hot chocolate and hustles over to join him. He locks onto Race's leeps and they kiss before he works his way feverishly down his chest and washboard abs, and back up again to nibble and tweak his tits. Shay then falls to his knees to blowjob Race's thick licorice stick, guzzling it down all the way to the base. Race counters by bending Shay forward to attack him from behind. He pulls the enormous hunk's penis back between his thick ham hock thighs and blows away; he rims his asshole, drenching it with water to help him lap it all up; then he dicks him quick and furious doing Shay moan and groan. Before long the bro are on the floor with Race receiving bored up the buttocks as Shay charges in and out. The bro curse, scream, punch, tease and taunt each other. Both of them are beautifully glistening with sweat as Shay continues pounding Race's buttocks until One after the other, they jet their loads. Scene 3: Heath Jordan & Lawson Kane With their enormous boners ready to juggs out of their boxers, Heath Jordan and Lawson Kane just can't seem to get enough of each other. They kiss and grope with heated frenzy before Heath works his way south to his buddy's crotch. He yanks out his macho mocha-man's swollen penis and swallows it down greedily, swabbing it with spit so it'll slide easily through his pursed lips. Then Lawson received his turn to blowjob cock. His oral experience have his guy reeling and the excitement ramps up when he starts eating ass. After receiving that sphincter all juiced up, Lawson pierces it with his meat sword. He's in total control as he fucks, screws, bangs, pummels and punishes Heath's hot buttocks until he at the finish climaxes and sprays him with cum. Left laying on the white woolly rug, Heath jerks himself off with Lawson helping by jamming his fingers up his ass. The enormous man's chest heaves up and down as his gasps get louder and louder until he at the finish shoots a white ribbon of spooge up across his hairy stomach. Scene 4: Jesse Santan & Tyler Hunt Busily typing away, Jesse Santana is trying to get his job done when he's unexpectedly distracted by his goofball of a friend. Monster Tyler Hunt is having amusement Xeroxing his penis and has no problem coaxing Jesse to join him and fool around, even receiving him to photocopy his ass. This is the smash Jesse needs and it's turning out to be a more exciting way to spend the time. The Couples bro prompt go at each other with Jesse fellating Tyler's enormous penis like a pro, slobbering up and down and all around the hefty rod. Then they're on the floor, down on their knees with Tyler behind Jesse plugging his asscrack with his enormous whopper. The sensation of filling a hungry wench with a hunky penis overwhelms them both so many that neither wants to stop; it feels so hot fucking buttocks and it's equally satisfying receiving fucked. The Couples buddies job together non-stop, rocking back and forth in different configurations until they at the finish cum, blasting Couples goopy loads of spooge all over an exhausted Jesse. 2013-04-11 Tags: muscle anal 2:00
These coarse and tough Cowboys spend all day tending to the cattle together. Their job is physically demanding, and it received their blood pumping. With their sculpted muscles bulging, they can't keep their eyes or their hands off of each other. From an off-the-dial, tail-gate three-way to Three more brutal core, super-hot, games all worthy of a barn-raising, Cowboys, Part One delivers. Scene 1: Tom Wolfe, Aybars & Parker Perry Super-macho stud Tom Wolfe jumps up on his horse to discover cowboys Parker Perry and Aybars loading some hay bales into the back of their pickup truck. Tom asks Parker and the shirtless Aybars what's up, and he jumps away. Parker and Aybars happiness with their job and they get busy making out. It's not colossal before Parker - the penis amazing cowboy - is on his knees expertly swallowing Aybars' plump stick. Tom, watching from a distance, wants in on the action. He approaches the truck rubbing the crotch of his jeans and gaming with his nip. Aybars and Parker welcome him to their tailgating session, and Parker in a short time has Couples cocks in his mouth. It's not colossal before Parker is getting his loving shaggy bottom hussy rimmed by Tom, who screws Parker loving and brutal while Parker has his gagging wrapped around Aybars meat. Aybars and Tom lay parker on his back and Tom sits his fantastic bottom hussy on Parkers face and spreads Parker's legs wide so Aybars can pummel his ass. This cowboy three-way ends in a trio of ejaculation shots you in a short time won't forget. Scene 2: Paul Wagner & Adam Champ Our resident ranchers Paul Wagner and Adam Champ are unloading hay into the barn from a pickup truck. In between bales, Paul rubs on his crotch and pulls out his sweet veiny poll and his fellow cow hand can't resist. Adam received right on Paul's stuff with his mouth, swallowing it and BDSM his gagging around the sweet totem. After Paul screws Adams mouth, Adam jumps up on the tailgate for a heavy make out session that ends with Paul pulling Adam's penis out so he can leave down on the furry man's huge, uncut, sexually dick. Servicing Adam expertly and getting hammered in the mouth, Paul jerks himself until Adam manhandles Paul, spinning him around so he can pound him in the ass. Paul stoops over and grabs on the sofa of the pickup so he can take Adams intense thrusts - the sexually pecker plowing into this loving white bottom hussy is a sight to see as these cowboys moan and groan so loud the horses in the barn answer with neighs. Putting his bum in the air and letting Adam ride his penis deeper, Paul asks for more and Adam answers with unrelenting thrusts, until Paul shoots Couples colossal streams of ejaculation onto his chest and Adam jerks out a spray in a short time after. Scene 3: Tom Wolfe & Jesse Santana In a run-down barn with a some minutes alone, Tom Wolfe is whacking his tool next to a tractor, he tweaks his nipple and masturbates his rock brutal cock. He's fantasizing about the touch of another's hand on his furry chest and pretty dick. Enter Jesse Santana, who catches Tom in the act. Tom's embarrassed at first, but he received over it fast as Jesse's experienced gagging received to work. His fancies answered, Tom now has the loving gagging of a sexy, fellow cowboy wrapped around his cock, swallowing it to the base, even gagging on it. Soon, Jesse strips down and lifts One leg up on the tractor so he can take Tom's power tool in his loving ass. The harder Tom delivers his jabbing masturbates the louder Jesse moans, and as the volume of the grunts increases so does Tom's aggression. Jesse lays back on a saddle blanket, props his cowboy boot on Tom's shoulder, and Tom punishes Jesse's vagina relentlessly. With only the horses as witnesses, these Couples cowboys leave at it for almost an hour until Tom screws the ejaculation out of Jesse and shoots a colossal stream of cum! We would dare to told that Jesse Santana can be the best performer in amazing today! Scene 4: Colby Keller and Parker London Colby Keller is brushing his horse while Parker London arranges some hay bales. Parker lays some saddle blankets over the bales and approaches Colby from behind, BDSM his arms around him to wank off his crotch. Shortly the bristles of these cowboys' beards are rubbing against each other as they kiss hard. Parker's received down on his knees to get at Colby's humongous surprise underneath, getting it in his gagging and allowing Colby to ram it down his gagging repeatedly. After returning the oral favor, Colby pushes Parker back onto his shoulder blades and lifting his muscled bottom hussy girlfriends in the air, Colby then dives into the throat end - tonguing and lapping at the Parker's loving pucker. Colby pulls Parker up, kisses him and flips him over on all fours to ram his pecker into the primed hole. Colby thrusts and stabs his wide load in, then switches it up wrestling Parker on his back to let the real pumping commence. Colby pushes Parkers bum back next to his ears and proceeds to jackhammer his penis throat into Parker with an unstoppable stunning of nuts on bottom hussy until Parker reaches a crescendo and sprays his belly with jizz, and Colby pulls his wide load out and shoots Three colossal globs of cum. 2013-04-11 Tags: outdoor muscle 2:00

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